Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Advantages of Biogas Plant in Bangalore

Synod biogas plants are available in the standard sizes for different waste capacity. Domestic Biogas plants are designed for individual home scale which can produce gas from domestic kitchen waste. Individual sizes can also be supplied where required. We manufacture modular portable biogas plants in virtually all sizes.
 The floating gas storage is designed to collect and store low pressure biogas produced from small quantity of kitchen waste. They are made with biogas resistant PVC or polyurethane two side coated with polyester fiber reinforced membrane, embeded with polyester iso resin coated metal reinforcement. the design is made to maintain constant low postive biogas pressure.
 Its mainly used for house hold kitchen waste. The input materials for Elegant biogas plants are dailyvegetable wastefood waste, meat waste etc. Apart from this, manure and dung can also be used . These plants are portable models and its space requirement is only 1 square meter for house hold units and it has an output of 2 hrs per day.
Advantages of Synod biogas plant-
  • Alternative fuel for cooking gas
  • Proper waste disposal for biodegradable waste
  • Hygenic- No odour and flies
  • Outlet slurry is a good fertilizer
  • User friendly designs
  • Aethestic look- available in various colour
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Can be kept in terrace
  • Compact design
Synod bioscience, supplies the customer with the best available technology through different partners, which meet the specific and individual project needs. The partners are leading manufacturers in their respective technology fields and can therefore ensure that the technology provided reflects many years of manufacturing experience and a proven track record in their application. It is the objective of The Synod bioscience engineers and technicians to extract the highest possible energy yield from the minimum level of biogas plant material. The Synod bioscience business is separated into three distinct sectors: providing comprehensive project development support providing high-quality and proven biogas technology to home scale to institutional scale, providing high-quality and proven Waste water recycling systems for industrial need.
Synod Bioscience which is based in Bangalore, India , designs and builds Biogas plants. It is one of the full service providers of Domestic Biogas Plant, Institutional Biogas Plant and Recycling of waste in Bangalore. Our portfolio includes project planning and construction as well as biological and technical services.